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GSQC Workshops and Training - Gain Knowledge to Drive Performance Excellence in Your Organization

The Granite State Quality Council (GSQC) offers professional, affordable training that supports organizational and personal learning and drives results-oriented action.  All courses are available as customized in-house delivery for your organization, including as coaching engagements.  Contact us for more information.

Courses  (download the attached file for a printable copy)

Introduction to Performance Excellence

A half-day workshop that provides an overview of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and how to use it to increase efficiency and drive improvement across your organization.  Also available in a one-day version that includes a look at how to use the Criteria to increase efficiency and drive improvement across your organization.


Building Excellence: Internal Champion

A two-day workshop that provides an in-depth understanding of how to utilize the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence in your own organization.  Includes examples, self-assessment, and discussion.


Building Excellence: Successful Strategic Planning

A one-day workshop that helps you define and develop the fundamentals of an effective strategic planning process for your organization.


Building Excellence: Customers First!

A one-day workshop that helps you focus on your customers for the benefit of your organization’s operations and bottom line.


Building Excellence: Making Change Work

Organizational improvements mean change, however less than half of all change efforts achieve the desired results.  This one-day workshop examines how to maximize your organization’s change ROI and provides practical tools to lead and navigate improvement transitions. 


Examiner Training

A three-day course that prepares you to assess an organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.  This course certifies participants to serve as Examiners for the Granite State Quality Award and Recognition Program.


Coming Soon:

Training for Teams – the most successful organizations improve results through the formation and recognition of teams.  The GSQC supports this with

 •Building Excellence: Teams: Learn how to develop or enhance teams for the growth of your workforce and benefit of your organization
 •Building Excellence: Using Quality Tools: Enhance the success and contribution of your organization’s teams by teaching them to use quality team tools.




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