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The 2018 Leadership Summit - June 22, 2018


The Leadership Summit brought over sixty established, new, and aspiring leaders together to discuss how to navigate the nuances of excellent leadership.  This year's summit provided leaders with tools and information to mitigate the increasing challenges that come with having to manage and accomplish multiple priorities and tasks. 

Our amazing and accomplished speakers shared their expertise and experience with methods that can help us manage organizational chaos.   They worked with audience members to provide immediate steps that we can take and resources for the future.  Tom Raffio (President & CEO, Northeast Delta Dental and GSQC/NNEAE Board Chair) facilitated us through the event and coached participants in indentifying how to make the most of this information.  Click here to see a brief summary of the Summit.

(Click on the speaker's name for their Bio & topic for an outline of the key points)
Annabel Beerel
(Author & Executive Coach) - Mindfulness: The Power of Attention
Kim Cadorette (Director of Operations, BAE Systems & NHBR 2018 Outstanding Woman in Business) - Leading in a large and hectic business environment
Liran Edelist (CEO of Jedox, Inc) - The impact and benefits of Analytics for Leaders
Beverly Parent (Manager: Software Quality Assurance, Northeast Delta Dental) and Viktor Kobzar (Project Manager, SoftServe) - Shift from Chaos to Flow


Thank you to all our speakers and participants for a thoughtful afternoon.   Many thanks to the team at the Northeast Delta Dental Conference Center for a seamless event, dispite some complex logistics!!

Contact Anne Warner if you would like to participate in next year's summit and for more information.


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