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Institute for Quality Advancement to offer Management Classes in Northern New England

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The Institute for Quality Advancement will offer three different education opportunities throughout New England. 

For more information and dates/locations contact Kathy Letentre (

Management and Planning Tools: A 2 day course geared towards executives, leaders and teams involved in planning and management decision-making.  It equips participants with a practical and powerful toolkit to use in strategic decision-making and collaborative planning efforts. 

Management by Fact: A 1-day course intended for leaders and managers at all levels.  Through a number of practical exercises, it demonstrates how to improve management decision-making; it teaches a new way of thinking based in an understanding of process and process variation. 

Managing for Excellence: a 1-day course designed for executives, leaders and other individuals who are contemplating, leading or involved in transforming their organizations.  In this course, participants delve into the principles of excellence, the various frameworks for performance excellence and explore what a high-performing organization looks like.  The course provides an overview of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and its uses in various organizational settings from service and manufacturing to healthcare and education.  The benefits of performance excellence are discussed, as well as the efforts involved in transforming an organization.