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2012 Examiner Training Resources

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Files and resources for 2012 Examiner Training  (see "Attachments" below to view and download these files)

-Tillingate Living Case Study (Application)

- 2011-2012 Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence

- Slides for Part 1 and Part 2 of the Training

- Worksheets for first  and SECOND assignment

- Sample Independent Review Worksheets for Item 5.1

Added to support final assignment:

- Sample Independent Review Worksheets for Item 7.3

- Examples of feedback ready comments using N-E-R-D format

- Scorebook Navigator Independent Review Manual (follow the 2010 Baldrige Process)


Added for Final Workshop

-  Slide Deck



ExaminerTrng Part 1-2012.ppt7.42 MB
ExaminerTrng Part 2-2012.ppt6.79 MB
2012_Assignment1_Worksheets.doc93.5 KB
2012_Tillingate_Living_Case_Study.pdf1.07 MB
2011_2012_Health_Care_Criteria.pdf3.09 MB
2012_Process_Sample_Item_5_1_IR_Worksheet.pdf116.43 KB
2012_Results_Sample_Item_7_3_IR_Worksheet.pdf123.05 KB
2012_Assignment2_Worksheets.doc102.5 KB
ExaminerTrng NERD_Comments.ppt349 KB
ScorebookNavigatorStage1User.pdf1.8 MB
ExaminerTrng Part 3-2012.ppt4.6 MB