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No Cost Online Curriculum Available for Educators

Baldrige in Education - Online Curriculum

The GSQC is pleased to be able to offer an online resource to our colleagues in education.  The Baldrige in Education Curriculum provides a self-paced overview of how the Baldrige Criteria supports education organizations, both K-12 and Higher Education.  It consists of 9 modules, each approximately 15 minutes in length and each with additional video and written resources from and about education.  This tool is most relevant to leaders of education organizations (including Boards and administrators), but is also applicable to individual educators and staff members who want to know more about how the Criteria for Performance Excellence supports education.  It is also a great resource for education organizations that want to introduce Baldrige and Performance Excellence concepts to all or part of the faculty and staff.

We are providing this curriculum to educators at no cost however a username and password is required.   See The Details below for information on ">registering.   For more information on the Curriculum, how to get the most out of it, or to get help in registering, contact the GSQC.

The Details:

  • The curriculum is presented in Adobe Presenter – once registered you will receive login information to access all of the modules
  • The curriculum consists of nine modules that are approximately 15 minutes in length – this does not include the time to review of the resources (articles, videos, etc).  All modules are self-paced and can be viewed multiple times.  We recommend that the curriculum be accessed in multiple sessions.

o    Module 1 – Baldrige and the Education Criteria for Performance Excellence

o    Module 2 – Criteria Overview

o    Module 3 – Leadership in a High Performing Education Organization

o    Module 4 – Strategic Planning in a High Performing Education Organization

o    Module 5 – Creating a Student and Stakeholder Focus in a High Performing Education Organization

o    Module 6 – Using Data and Information in Support of High Performance

o    Module 7 – Focusing on the Workforce to Achieve High Performance

o    Module 8 – Supporting Students and Stakeholders with Effective Operations

o    Module 9 – Getting Started with your Organizational Profile

  •  Each module contains a Resource page with short video clips, articles, application best practice examples and measures, and other material from Baldrige Award Recipients (mostly national recipients, but also contains state-level recipient resources)
  • The resources are segmented by K-12 and Higher Education
  • The curriculum is accessed through a registration process.  To register go to and complete the “New User” registration for “Educator Registration” or “Organization Registration” as applicable (select “Granite State Quality Council” from the Associated State Program).