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GSQC Commitment to Excellence Series: Reducing Costs With Knowledge (11/9)

11/09/2009 4:00 pm
11/09/2009 6:00 pm

Providing the culture and tools for employees to communicate their knowledge is one of the most effective ways to improve your organization's efficiency, make your processes more transparent, and empower your employees to make your business better. It is also one of the most difficult things to do. Richard’s experience in developing knowledge strategies and teaching the cultural and technical aspects of knowledge sharing, make him uniquely qualified to help us improve this critical capability for our organizations.

Throughout the spring and summer the GSQC has presented the Commitment to Excellence Series to share the best practices of local organizations. One of the themes from each presentation has been the importance of meaningful communication and information sharing. We are fortunate to conclude this series with a presentation that ties this theme together and takes it to the next level.

Join us on Monday, November 9 from 4-6pm as Richard Tango-Lowy presents "Reducing Costs with Knowledge", to help us understand how to build organizational knowledge from individual employee knowledge and how this benefits both the employee and the organization.

  • Where: Northeast Delta Dental in Concord
  • Cost: Free for GSQC Sponsors, $10 general admission
  • Register: Email or call Anne Warner at 321-1046

Richard has been working in the knowledge field for over 15 years with organizations of all sizes.  He developed knowledge strategies for both Hewlett-Packard and HP spin-off Agilent Technologies. In 2001 he founded arsCognita, Inc., a company dedicated to teaching the cultural and technical aspects of knowledge sharing. Richard is now employed by Northeast Delta Dental and is also an artisan chocolatier and the owner of Dancing Lion Chocolate in Manchester, NH.

Anne Warner, Executive Director of the Granite State Quality Council, said: “This is a great topic to wrap up our 2009 Commitment to Excellence series. Our other presenters have emphasized the importance of communication and sharing the wealth of knowledge that employees have, but it is not easy to do effectively. Richard has a breadth of experience with effective knowledge transfer and developing tools to support it. He is the perfect person to provide us with insights that increase our success.”