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GSQC Products and Services all provide guidance and/or feedback that support organizations in achieving excellence. We focus on helping you target the most effective approach for your organization, guiding you in implementing that approach, and providing tools and methodologies to assess the results and guide next steps.
·         Networking and Best Practice Sharing. We sponsor events where individuals and organizations can formally share good practices and meet others who are interested in enhancing their own knowledge and improving their organizations.
·        Coaching and Training. We provided customized coaching and training that supports organizational and personal learning and drives results-oriented action.
·         Assessment and Recognition.  We provide options for assessing organizational performance for organizations of any size and at any stage of excellence. Assessments can be for internal feedback only or acknowledge progress and excellence as part of the GSQC’s state-wide Award and Recognition Process. All assessments are based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.

Team Excellence: We also offer training, coaching, and assessment on the best practices of teams as part of our Team Excellence Award.  If your organization would like to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its teams, we can help.   This approach works for all teams, regardless of what methodology they use or what industry they are in.  Contact us to learn more!