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What is your Value Proposition?

Whether an individual or an organization, having a clear
Value Proposition is increasingly important.

In the past month I have had the opportunity to attend a couple of our nonprofit partner events that have stressed the importance of having a clearly communicated "value proposition" (what I consider a unique and valuable position that provides an advantage sustained over time).

GSQC Commitment to Excellence Series: Reducing Costs With Knowledge (11/9)

11/09/2009 4:00 pm
11/09/2009 6:00 pm

Providing the culture and tools for employees to communicate their knowledge is one of the most effective ways to improve your organization's efficiency, make your processes more transparent, and empower your employees to make your business better. It is also one of the most difficult things to do. Richard’s experience in developing knowledge strategies and teaching the cultural and technical aspects of knowledge sharing, make him uniquely qualified to help us improve this critical capability for our organizations.

GSQC Workshops and Training - Gain Knowledge to Drive Performance Excellence in Your Organization

The Granite State Quality Council (GSQC) offers professional, affordable training that supports organizational and personal learning and drives results-oriented action.  All courses are available as customized in-house delivery for your organization, including as coaching engagements.  Contact us for more information.

White Paper: America at the Crossroads

How the Baldrige Criteria can improve Business, Education, and Healthcare, and renew the spirit that made us great.


Despite the many challenging policy issues that require top down government attention, the most important problems in business, education and healthcare are structural and operational, and can be addressed locally and independently by enlightened leaders. The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence provide a framework that ensures accountability and organizational sustainability. If broadly applied, they can restore excellence in our country at all levels.

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