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Baldrige Name Change Reflects Evolution of Award and Program

The Baldrige National Quality Program has announced that it has changed its name to the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program to more accurately reflect what the program reflects and does.
Over the more than 20 years since the inception of the program and the Award, the field of quality has evolved from a focus on product, service, and customer quality to broader, strategic focus on overall organizational quality.  In line with this concept of overall organizational excellence (which some people refer to as “big Q” quality), the Baldrige Criteria have evolved to stay on the leading edge of validated enterprise management practice and needs.  This commitment to evolution is a key reason that the Criteria are increasingly seen as the standard for organizational performance excellence worldwide.  It is also the reason that the Baldrige Community has embraced “performance excellence” as the term that best reflects who we are and what we do, as indicated in an independent branding study in 2007 that supported the changing of the Award and Program names.
With this in mind, the Obama Administration and the Congressional oversight committee responsible for the Baldrige Program made the name change a part of an overall NIST realignment that takes place this month.  The public announcement of the realignment was made public on Monday, October 4, 2010.  
It was also anticipated that the Award name would change to the Malcolm Baldrige Award effective in 2011.  However the name "The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award" was established by statute (Public Law 100-107) and cannot be changed at this time.
The Granite State Quality Council joins the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program in spreading the word about the new program name, and will begin to use it as we reference the program on our website, written materials, and other communications.   We also continue to refine our Recognition Levels and programs to reflect performance excellence as defined in the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.