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Learn and Network: Leadership-focused Event on September 12

Join us on Monday September 12th from 4-6pm in Concord for a no cost Learing and Networking event.

Suzanne Murphy will join us to introduce two tools powerful to help all leaders -
Mastering Leadership:A Universal Model and Unconscious Bias: What we don't know that we don't know
During this learning and networking event, Suzanne will provide an overview of each tool and its benefits.  She will also lead the audience in exercises so that you will gain both an understanding of each tool and some techniques that help you implement them.


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I hope you can join us at this event.   We will also have time to network with other participants so bring your questions to ask, ideas to share, and business cards to connect, as we continue to support excellent leadership in New Hampshire!

The tools:
Mastering Leadership:  A Universal Model
What are the leadership competencies that determine success?  What are the behaviors that are likely to derail a team leader or manager?  How do you see yourself as a leader vs. how others see you?  The answers to these questions are revealed in a new model of leadership:  The Leadership Circle Profile.
In this session we will discuss the leadership competencies that are most likely to result in your success, and the success of your team / organization.  You will also learn about the reactive tendencies -- also called "derailment factors" that hold leaders back from doing their best.  You will learn about the research behind this powerful new look at leadership and complete a self-assessment that will reveal your competencies, reactive tendencies, and motivations.

Unconscious Bias:  What we don't know that we don't know
Biases. It's an uncomfortable topic.  We all have them, but we don't want to believe that they're impacting the decision we make, the way we see the world and the way we interact with others.
Researchers estimate that there are nearly 150 unconscious biases that may be influencing us at any moment:  confirmation bias, group think, affirmation bias, the "halo affect", etc.  The key to managing them is understanding how the brain works so you can rely on those biases that are helping you and intercept those that are not.
In this segment, we'll learn about how the brain works and why it creates biases, how certain biases impact decision, and tips for how to mitigate them.
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About Our Presenter: 
Suzanne Murphy, Founder
Performance Through Leadership
Suzanne has a passion for leadership.  After nearly 10 years as a human resources generalist at NBC, she discovered that of all the HR disciplines, leadership development had the most impact on business results.  Suzanne left NBC to begin a 20 year career at IBM, 15 of which was as a consultant, program designer, and facilitator / teacher in the Executive and Management Development organization.
Earlier this year, Suzanne founded Performance Through Leadership, a consultancy dedicated to helping leaders at all levels become aware of how they are leading, the impact they are having on others, and what they can do to master leadership skills.