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Do you want to Live, Work, and Play in a Community of Excellence?


America's greatest challenges - educational attainment, job creation, economic vitality, and improving health status – are most effectively confronted at the community level.  Federal and state policy and support are important, but we advance the common good most effectively and durably when we work together in a local community to identify, implement, and sustain improvements that work for that community.  [read more]

The challenge is that communities across the nation often struggle to confront systemic problems.  Sharing a vision can launch a community; however long-lived success is more demanding.  The Communities of Excellence Framework addresses this challenge by promoting collaboration across key sectors and aligning the efforts of the businesses, organizations, school systems, and governmental organizations community-wide to implement and sustain community change.   It encourages collaboration across sectors, identifies and supports pursuit of community-driven goals, enables fact-based evaluation of progress, and instills a culture of leadership and responsibility across generations.

The Communities of Excellence Framework has been adapted from the Baldrige Excellence Framework by the independent nonprofit Communities of Excellence 2026 which fosters communities to achieve and sustain the highest quality of life for their people.  The vision is that by 2026 - America’s Sestercentennial – the Framework will be applied in communities across the United States and that these communities will consistently be the top performing communities in the nation.

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