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About the GSQC and NNEAE

The Granite State Quality Council (GSQC) is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1992 by individuals with deep roots in quality and with the assistance of the Granite State and Merrimack Valley Sections of the American Society for Quality. 

The GSQC was joined in 2012 by the Northern New England Alliance for Excellence (NNEAE) to become Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont’s nonprofit resource for organizational performance excellence, serving organizations of all sizes and in every sector of the economy. 

Today the GSQC/NNEAE is comprised of organizations and individuals in Northern New England who are interested in learning about, promoting, achieving, and recognizing organizational excellence.  Services include coaching and training, networking and best practice sharing, and assessment and recognition.  
As part of the larger Baldrige community and member of the Alliance for Performance Excellence, the GSQC/NNEAE provides access to world-class practices that can be adapted to fit the needs of any business, health care organization, school, or government agency.
GSQC/NNEAE Mission: To inspire and assist organizations in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont in the achievement of Performance Excellence
We focus on achieving our mission through the execution of our Core Values
·         Passion for Excellence. We are committed to a holistic approach to excellence that integrates delivery of value to all stakeholders (including customers and the workforce) with improvement of effectiveness and capabilities.
·         Integrity. All of our services are designed for the sole purpose of supporting improved performance in Northern New England organizations. Our Recognition and Awards Process provides confidential and unbiased feedback based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award process.
·         Commitment. We support Northern New England organizations of all types and sizes in achieving excellent results in all aspects of their operations.
·         Partnerships. We work with and support other nonprofits that promote organizational performance improvement. We strive for collaborations that benefit individual organizations and strengthen Northern New England’s position as a great place to work, to do business, to get healthcare, and to receive an education.
 Our Products and Services all provide guidance and/or feedback that support organizations in achieving excellence. We focus on helping you target the most effective approach for your organization, guiding you in implementing that approach, and providing tools and methodologies to assess the results and guide next steps.
·         Networking and Best Practice Sharing. We sponsor events where individuals and organizations can formally share good practices and meet others who are interested in enhancing their own knowledge and improving their organizations.
·         Coaching and Training. We provided customized coaching and training that supports organizational and personal learning and drives results-oriented action.
·         Assessment and Recognition.  We provide options for assessing organizational performance for organizations of any size and at any stage of excellence. Assessments can be for internal feedback only or acknowledge progress and excellence as part of the GSQC’s state-wide Award and Recognition Process. All assessments are based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.



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