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Managing Innovation

I recently read an article in Quality Digest related to innovation. It caught my attention because innovation is another one of those often used terms that has many meanings (like "quality"). The article's key point was that innovation is crucial to every team and organization and it is the “Bosses" responsibility to kill off all bad ideas as well as most of the good ideas that are proposed as innovations.
We may think of innovation as coming from some "light bulb" or "eureka" moment; however innovation must be cultivated and managed to produce beneficial results. Not all good innovative ideas can be implemented - ideas need a lot of attention, time, and resources to be fully developed. The question that the article didn't fully explore is how to successfully "prune" from the good ideas to cultivate the critical few while avoiding negative dynamics due to good and "pet" ideas being cut in favor of others.   

GSQC 2011 Awards and Recognition Program - Apply for Recognition and Feedback

The 2011 GSQC Awards and Recognition Program kicks off in September. There is still time for your organization to submit an application for feedback and recognition at one of our award levels. See the attached file for an overview of the recognition levels or contact the GSQC to discuss which level will provide the most value to your organization.

Measuring Satisfaction: With and Without Surveys (Customer Focus Webinar)

04/16/2010 12:00 pm
04/16/2010 2:00 pm
MEASURING SATISFACTION: With and Without Surveys”

The 12 Voices of the Customer (Customer Focus Webinar)

03/19/2010 12:00 pm
03/19/2010 2:00 pm
How to uncover, translate & deliver what customers want

Achieving 8 Dimensions of Excellence (Customer Focus Webinar)

03/12/2010 12:00 am
03/12/2010 2:00 pm
How to align strategy, service and measures with customer priorities”
How would you feel to discover your car engine was only running on one or two of its eight cylinders? Whether your “car” is an organization or a key project, you wouldn’t knowingly continue to drive it that way. This presentation will enlighten, inspire and equip you to get all 8 cylinders working together like you never thought possible.

What is your Tiebreaker?

Can you answer the question "Why should I choose you?"

I read a recent article in that asked readers to consider what sets their organization apart - what would make someone choose them over another organization?  The article went on to point out that if no other differentiator is evident the tiebreaker becomes price, a game that few companies can win at for very long.

Leadership Summit 2015: Becoming a Great Leader in a Rapidly Changing Environment

In April 2015, the GSQC and Center for Women’s Business Advancement at SNHU partnered to present Leadership Summit 2015.   A diverse group of current and aspiring leaders gathered to learn from Keynote speakers Tom Raffio and Dave Cowens and Panelists Aaron Brandt, Amanda Grady Sexton, Kate Lukzko, and Donna Lencki. Attendees also had time to share their best practices and experiences with each other. The conversation continued at the post Summit networking reception featuring some amazing food catered by SNHU’s student-run restaurant, the Quill.

Panel                   LeadershipSummit Sign                      Summit Discussion

Here is some of the feedback on the Summit:

Mr. Tom Raffio's and Dave Cowens' speech was excellent. Seeing the parallels between these leaders in their varying backgrounds and their styles was very interesting.

All of the speakers in the panel were engaged and knowledgeable. Aaron Brandt was particularly interesting. The culture of his company are quite different (positive) than mine. Initial thought was "wow that is the type of company I'd like to work for"... followed by a more proactive approach. "How do I make my company think like that?"

The Panel was a wealth of experience and knowledge. They also had very diverse areas of expertise covering corporate, government and lifestyle topics. Very good mix of speakers

Having the opportunity to speak with the Panelists at the end of the session was helpful. [They were] able to share some valuable insight on their experiences

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