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GSQC/NNEAE Award and Recognition Program Overview

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The Granite State Quality Council and Northern New England Alliance for Excellence (GSQC/NNEAE) Recognition and Award Program recognizes New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont organizations for performance excellence. The program is based on the Criteria established in the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The Recognition and Award Program is focused on supporting and recognizing all organizations in Northern New England in their continuous improvement journey.

Why Apply?

The GSQC/NNEAE Recognition and Award Program is a cost effective way to gain an unbiased, comprehensive, external perspective on you organization's strengths and opportunities for improvement towards meeting its goals, including how to improve the bottom line.  In addition, State-wide recognition demonstrates commitment to high performance based on the nation's highest award for organizational excellence and may provide a competitive advantage.

The Award (Gold Level) recognizes organizations that demonstrate quality and performance excellence leadership at the multiple level of the Criteria for Performance Excellence. The Gold Level also meets the Baldrige Enterprise standards for top-level State awards, meaning that eligible recipients of the Gold Level may apply for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. 

The Recognition program recognize organizations just beginning and at various stages of their journey towards performance excellence.  It consists of three levels:

  • Profile Recognition:  Recognizes organizations that demonstrate a foundation for quality and performance excellence through use of the Organizational Profile
  • Commitment to Excellence (Bronze Level): Recognizes organizations that demonstrate processes that commit to quality and performance excellence at the basic level of the Criteria for Performance Excellence
  • Achievement of Excellence (Silver Level):  Recognizes organizations that demonstrate achievement of quality and performance excellence at the overall level of the Criteria for Performance Excellence

All Recognition Levels are non-competitive and all organizations that achieve the requirements for a Level will receive recognition.  Organizations that do not achieve the Level applied for will be offered recognition at the Level achieved.  While there is no limit on the number of recognitions that may be presented each year, there is also no requirement that any Awards or Recognitions have to be presented.

Click here for more information about the multi-level recognition and award structure.  Contact us with any questions or to discuss if your organization can benefit from a Baldrige-based assessment and recognition.

Additional Information:

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